Your Home

Your stretch, your space

A lifestyle investment to stretch and motivate you regardless of age or fitness level.

This beautifully crafted stretch bay is available in various sustainable wood finishes. German engineered, it folds into a small space and can be wheeled easily. There’s a FREE ELASKO app offering a large range of different themed, uplifting stretching routines with the aim to improve your flexibility, posture, breathing capacity and muscle tone.

Our Studio

ELASKO Tailored PT, our stretch community

Join us at our home in EAST London. We’re proudly unique and offer an intimate, boutique class experience with a maximum of 5 people. There’s a variety of curated stretch, energy & balance movements in the security of your personal stretch bay to improve flexibility, posture and muscle tone. Every(body) is unique and we work harmonically as a team to enhance everyone’s experience for a fun, motivational class in an uplifting environment.


Because you are unique and so is our stretching approach.

Our vision is to change the perception of stretch, expanding its reputation of being a warm-up / cool down or recovery tool to an efficient full body workout and a supporting aid to mental well-being.

Offline and online we respect your individual needs and goals. Our concepts, courses and products all ensure safeness, great efficiency but also have an educational factor. Precision to detail and working constantly with the correct posture to control each movement is at the heart of our ethos.

If you look for that mental energy recharge, postural correction and feeling of having worked out but at the same time don’t want to exhaust yourself with cardiovascular or bootcamp style exercises then ELASKO could become your new discipline.

In ELASKO you will learn to become the master of managing your own energy frequencies whilst executing different stretch sequences deciding what suits you on different days at different times. It’s an extremely efficient posture focussed workout as you stretch and strengthen your muscles at the same time increasing rapidly your flexibility and tone.

Upon purchasing an ELASKO product you can access the Academy which houses video content, training options and the opportunity to connect and join our community. It’s a place for us to share our stretch & posture principles and to offer assistance and support for you on your journey to a more flexible and balanced lifestyle.


“To me its more than a stretch, its the energy balance and general feel good factor”

- Shabana (UK)

“I’ve been stretching with ELASKO for 5 years to improve my flexibility and posture; it works!.”

- Sid (London)

THE expertise & instruction methods are unique, online training is surprisingly good”

- Clara (Copenhagen)

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