The Elasko precision training system is about equilibrium of the body, mind & soul.

Stretch, dynamic movement & posture alignment are at the heartbeat of the system which is based on the four elements of nature through its balance, strength, healing qualities & disruption

Air Air

The essence of life, it’s simple and a task we take for granted and rarely work on. Elasko works with rhythmic and controlled breathing techniques that brings energy and fuel to muscle to support a deeper more efficient movement. Air in combination with the three other elements creates a natural harmony and calmness in the body. Breathing techniques help you to cope with whatever life throws at you – from high stress to deep relaxation.

Earth Earth

Active relaxation in its purest form to accentuate the senses with our floor-based stretch and mindfulness techniques gathered from the Orient and moulded with the creativity of elasko.

Set to soothing sound design, this floor experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated, tension-free and in a state of harmony.

Like the Earth is magic, so is this unique floating experience

Fire Fire

Fiery yet fun, let us take you deep into your red zone with high energy levels that are drawn and twisted from diverse disciplines such as Taebo, Athletics and Modern Jazz movements.

Powerful beats will inspire and motivate, helping you to reduce stress levels and improve stamina.

Like Fire, this element is unpredictable and changes rapidly.

Water Water

Our signature element increases your inner strength, focus and confidence by using bespoke sequences of dynamic stretch movements and alignment techniques.

With our unique, state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll help you to improve your flexibility, energy levels, posture and body language.

Like Water, this element is graceful yet supremely powerful.

say //

I have been training Elasko for almost 2 years now, it’s a unique training scheme and personally a life changing experience both physically and mentally.


With time I have understood my body better and can vouch that the level of my general fitness and body balance is better than it has been for years


After just one session with Elasko, I felt energised, focused and confident. It was like it helped me hit the reset button.


The Elasko home overlooks the iconic O2 and sits on the inspirational bank of the river Thames, just a 10 minute walk from Canary Wharf with excellent transport links.

Our bespoke equipment, system and style is unique. We take pride in being disruptive and delivering tailored uplifting experiences.

Meet Sonja, founder of Elasko and the chief disruptor.

She walks through life seeking disruption, leaving a trail of positivity in her wake. She finds joy in her surroundings and amplifies it for the world to listen and learn.

She shows us how the aggregation of small actions leads to the better whole.

She lives, breathes and eats the Elasko life. Choose positive disruption.