We design stretch fitness equipment and creative, unique movement sequences which support the liberation of the body and mind and energise the soul.

Our equipment simply acts as a support for the efficiency of the movements through well thought out loops and curves. They don’t just look great, they work.

Our movement sequences are dynamic and rhythmic and are born from our experience of contemporary dance, ballet, and gymnastics.

The ELASKO frame is hand crafted from wood in Germany by NOHrD, sister company of the infamous WaterRower. It’s elegant, foldable and available in six wood finishes.

The STRETCH ball is made from vegan leather, filled with left over spelt shells and hand stitched in Lille, France by YA FABRIK. It’s light and can easily be packed for travel fitness.


We believe that controlled, flowing, dynamic movements are the safest and most efficient way to align and tone the body.

Our concepts focus on empowerment and liberation of the body and the mind through creative movement. There are three base elements to our concepts.

First, the ELASKO stance: All our movements have a core focus on body alignment, correct posture, and elongation of the body.

Secondly, empowerment: This requires injections of both dynamic tension and release moments, infused with energy to avoid the body getting stuck in a cocoon.

Thirdly, liberation: This process needs a healthy percentage of inner strength and confidence to be able to let go, let the body flow and release tension.

The synergy between liberation and empowerment is essential to reach the equilibrium of body & mind.


“To me its more than a stretch, its the energy balance and general feel good factor”

- Shabana (UK)

“I’ve been stretching with ELASKO for 5 years to improve my flexibility and posture; it works!.”

- Sid (London)

THE expertise & instruction methods are unique, online training is surprisingly good”

- Clara (Copenhagen)

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