Designed as a collaboration between NOHrd and stretch guru, Sonja Laskowski. The bars are a hybrid of the NOHrD traditional fixed wall bar and the mobile PT training concept of Sonja. The genius is in the distancing and positioning of the 4 loops, the foldable integrated mat and simplicity of opening.

NOHrD is renowned for high quality, design and engineered with a combination of classic handcraft and precision machine technology to ensure consistent quality. Each piece is manufactured with solid wood exclusively selected from sustainably managed forests and built in Northern Germany.

We aim to be different, our vision is to create content to help and support people to efficiently stretch, improve range of movement, posture and alignment. Importantly, we wanted to make content in unique places and content not just about movement but about positive affirmations to inspire and motivate. We provide a complimentary APP with content designed to get you started on your stretch wellness journey.


Brace yourself, it goes back a long way! From the early 2000’s we had a gym in Spain where Sonja used to train clients on a very basic stretch stand called Dr Wolff, it was the simplest looking metal frame with an adjustable pad and rope: it wasn’t perfect but it worked.

Constantly looking for different angles and anchor points Sonja would search for anything within the gym to use, never finding one place to achieve all needs.

With the gym sold, arriving in London with no studio or equipment Sonja needed a mobile, adjustable anchor point. One day our glass building door handle was broken and a temporary glass lifting handle was used: it was a eureka moment! The idea for the ELASKO frame was born.

The first mobile bar was made in aluminium by our best friend who happens to be a welder, it enabled Sonja to go into the home of clients and stick it to a window. It was a great idea until one day she pulled the glass out of the frame!

Over the years we developed four different versions of the wall bar, made from various metals and varying shapes, in fact there are early versions in a Thailand fitness studio and three in a rehabilitation centre in Germany.

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