What is ELASKO

ELASKO is Body Art through dynamic stretch and tension, an innovative, beautiful system that generates mobility and inner strength within the body which hones sharp mental focus and utilises the bodies energy to it’s upmost capacity. 

With over 100 original movements ELASKO is one of the most robust stretch based systems. Each movement is dedicated to work on a distinct muscle group to awaken, invigorate and strengthen deep muscle tissue for long lasting results.

ELASKO is not a new workout or fitness system it’s an experience to feel the body deep from inside and learn how to project new found confidence and self-belief.

Only after a few minutes you’ll realise this is something different, something you were searching for when it comes to working the body and mental conditioning.

It’s the complete connection between you and your body, feeling every step, every movement and being in that moment with all senses and emotions aligned. ELASKO increases sensitivity towards the space and energy that surrounds us everywhere, making you feel differently just the way you stand or walk. By using that energy not only for yourself but to project towards others.

It is like a healthy drug , once you experienced it you want more as it makes you feel good about yourself, literally lifts you up and gives you the body you always dreamed of. You are the Master of your body’s destiny, controlling it’s definition and pushing it’s flexibility to unknown limits.

Through the unique alignment and posture work Elasko concentrates also on aches and pains that perhaps bothered you for a long time, they will slowly fade away and you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Once you get a grasp of the ELASKO concept the training doesn’t finish with the session but the sense of it continues throughout the day within all your daily activities.

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Meet the Founder – Sonja Laskowski

I’m a strong, energetic character and need the challenge of going through training extremes. Yoga & Pilates have always been to sedate for me, traditional ‘gym’ classes too commercial and uncontrolled, I’ve always seen a gap for a stretch defining system with zest & power.

Sonja Laskowski, is the owner and founder of the ELASKO brand, functional stretch equipment and training systems. ELASKO was developed through a sheer passion for the movement and art of stretch and flexibility. This devotion has spanned over 35 years to perfect this functional stretch system, on a journey from the Ballet & Contemporary dance stages in New York, Chicago & Paris to owning two fitness centres, a dance, musical and circus academy in Malta & Spain.

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With internal energy and tension, muscles get lengthened & defined increasing firmness during each session, new muscle groups are discovered and revived


Targeting deep muscles to stimulate and build the body’s core system that releases boundless energy throughout the whole body


Learn to listen and control breathing within the body. Understand how to isolate and engage specific muscle groups and when/how to relax and tense


Learn how to stand,walk and run with the correct posture , holding your head high whilst looking dynamic and athletic in everyday life


Using unique stretching techniques assisted by the bespoke Elasko equipment enables even the stiffest, least flexible person to reach for the stars


This discipline needs pure focus & disconnection in order to be effective, concentration on posture & tension is needed to execute each exercise with precision


Elasko has grown a cult like following of happy clients some trained by Sonja herself and others by her Master Coaches. Here is what they have to say on the Elasko method

professional endorsement

As a Physiotherapist, I have often found it difficult to find an appropriate instructor to refer my patients to for continued exercise once they have completed the acute phase of their rehabilitation. That was until I found Elasko!

Sonja has created a unique concept with Elasko, one that focuses on postural correction, strength and flexibility with close supervision and guidance to ensure good technique is maintained throughout. Many of my patients who have continued their rehabilitation at Elasko have maintained the progress they made during Physiotherapy treatment, with some going on to make even greater gains and achieve long-lasting positive changes to their musculoskeletal system.

I will continue to refer my patients to Elasko for ongoing postural correction and core strengthening because I have great confidence in the instructors to provide an appropriate individualised exercise program for each of them.

Thanks Sonja!