Everyone work’s in their own space which is the ELASKO Stretch bay. A wooden beautifully handcrafted piece of equipment, simple to use but offering endless possibilities to reach even the most hidden of muscle groups due to its innovative touch points.


We designed versatile classes for you to explore, immersing yourself in the small group spirit accompanied by soothing sounds to stretch your body and mind to new dimensions and make it that special “YOU” hour of social interaction with like minded people.


We all know the physical and mental benefits stretching has but without expert guidance and the right motivation we often neglect its precision and use of the right posture which are both decisive to reach its maximum potential.

ELASKO, fully qualified coaches will ensure the efficiency and safety by respecting your personal limits of flexibility and strength by showing you how to work sensibly with your Stretch Bay.


The London Winters can be cold and especially windy by the River Thames, after 4 years training clients outside enough was enough: an indoor space had to be sourced.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box, be creative and just put yourself out there and talk to anyone who’d listen, someone, somewhere will help steer you.

We found a disused storage room that just needed some love, and just about everything else: electric, water and a floor!

ELASKO was born December 2019, in a private estate, next to the Thames River. Loving brought to life, a space of character, with a 5 metre ceiling with exposed industrial fittings and a feature concrete river wall.

It’s a great intimate space for small boutique classes and PT use. In our classes we don’t have any more than 6 people so we can allow friends old & new to interact but also assist the stretch to push a bit further. We invested in a great sound system and curated a bespoke sound, added RGB lights and diffusers to enable the ambiance to ebb and flow.

It’s a super creative, relaxed space with a great energy: a place where you can feel at home and when you leave you’ll balanced feel and a foot taller!

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