We all try to find our little pockets of happiness and Mallorca is full of them; just by absorbing the islands energy and warmth will remind you what life is all about

When we hear the word retreats we instantly think of doing something relaxing like Yoga or Meditation, maybe sipping a smoothie or herbal tea and trying to convince ourselves that actually we should detox and if we need some food it must be a light salad or a vegan dish.

Is this really what we enjoy and look forward to in our so deserved free time, believing that we can only wind our system down by hardly doing anything and eating clean or having zero food in order to relax.

Of course you can follow a strict program but we believe that life should be balanced and that is why our understanding  of relaxing and disconnection is linked closely with having fun and offering a retreat with a cultural twist to our clients.

ELASKO is also the perfect concept for a retreat as you can work your heart off in our concept studio with our experienced ELASKO coaches or just let them relax and stretch you in the same class, how cool is that!

Since Mallorca is my second home I know the best beaches, restaurants, bars and hidden gems on the island so whatever makes you tick; we’ll find the answer.

Enjoy a traditional Paella after a workout, a gallery tour in Palma, visit a cool tapas bar, hike in the beautiful mountain side, power walk in a hidden port, chill in a cool coffee shop, sunbathe on a small secluded beach …… the list of exciting cultural indulgences is endless

Returning home from an ELASKO retreat you’ll feel refreshed, fit, happily motivated and looking forward to the next short break of refilling your happy cells and that’s what it’s all about ….BEING HAPPY!

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