Question and Answer with Sonja

Yes, but nothing like Yoga or Pilates! Its dynamic stretching, you stretch and tense the muscles at the same
time and therefore improve not only your flexibility but define your body as well!
It’s stretching to define the body and not to relax. It’s hard work and takes you to your personal limit although we have an Assisted Floor Stretch part in ELASKO where the clients have the opportunity to relax and let go.

Of course that’s what the concept is all about.By starting with the basic breathing exercises,we already make sure you work with the right posture and explain the practice in detail and how it works.With our unique technical exercises we perform on the posture wall we will not only strengthen the muscle groups which will help you to maintain the right posture but make you understand the basics of it all.

Besides we will send you posture reminders throughout the day so you don’t forget it!

Definitely, I call weight or machine training passive training or lazy training. You don’t really need to concentrate
on the exercise for instance on a machine. I see people reading books or playing on their mobile whilst working
on them, where is the connection of mind and body!
In our concept you have to be 100% with your mind concentrating on the exercise, right posture and breathing.
Besides each muscle in your body needs to work for instance to perform a dynamic bicep curl, there is no
isolated muscle working like when doing the same exercise with a weight. You don’t work only the bicep but define also all the muscles surrounding it.

Oh yes, age is not an excuse for not stretching!
In fact, the older you get the stiffer you get and you need to stretch even more. It takes perhaps longer to reach
your goal but you will get there eventually thanks to our unique stretching technique, for instance, pretty soon you will be touching the floor with your fingertips whilst feet are closed and the legs properly extended.

Certainly! In all exercises we use the core (Energy belt!) starting from the warm up, not only some crunches at the end of each class as you do in conventional fitness classes. The core plays a major role in postural work and we show people how to feel the core (Abs!)
Besides famous for our unique stand up Abs exercises, they are out of this world and you can
practice them anywhere, no need to lay down to exercise your Abs anymore!

It will actually help you to better or get rid of your pains and discomfort. With our unique mobilisation and
stretching techniques we take care of them and help to re-align the body where needed in a healthy and secure

You came to the right place to charge your batteries up. Just do one class with us and you will see how the
strong breathing techniques in combination with the dynamic tension exercises will raise your energy levels and
get rid of your emotional and physical stress.

Nooooo ,first of all it’s far more energetic and we are using in all exercises the dynamic natural tension of the body to its limit to define it, what you don’t do in Yoga or Pilates. 80% are stand up and not floor exercises as it is the opposite compared to Yoga or Pilates training. We push people to their personal limits and even the breathing technique is energetic and strong not relaxing.

Our concept works with the bodies and people’s energy but it’s not in any way like yoga, we are not practicing
any mediation or other spiritual mind techniques to connect body and soul.

I love my life and I am generously happy, this concept gives me everyday strength and confidence that whatever I do will work and yes it does! I always feel uplifted and light after my own training and that’s why I want to share this amazing happy feeling with as many people as possible to see how it changes their lives.

Ha ha ha, only my concept, I never lifted a weight in my life neither used machines. Yoga and Pilates bore me,
the jumping exercises in Aerobic make me feel stupid in these days to do them and cross fit is too aggressive
for my body.
I used to run but now I prefer for years only to Powerwalk, it’s less stress on the joints and knees and I enjoy it
far more as I am more aware of the environment surrounding me whilst walking and on the other hand still have
time to think about certain things. I love to walk for hours but not run!

This concept defines arms in a very quick and effective way thanks to our unique training techniques!

For me it’s a nutritional problem you have to solve first.
You can run your heart out for hours but if you don’t eat the right things you will still struggle with your weight.
Nutrition like training needs to be a lifestyle maintained throughout life and not just for instance for 2 or 3
months. This concept works deep muscle groups and therefore uses up lots of calories, so yes combined with
the right nutrition you will definitely loose weight and we will help you in each aspect with it.

Lots….but the right things! As I am a professional ballet dancer I am used to take care of my weight to a
point in younger years where I would starve just in fear of gaining weight. Now I have the recipe to eat what I
like but not gain weight and still feel energised and happy, not miserable all the time and tired because I don’t
eat enough or the wrong things. It’s really true you are what you eat and drink!

Yes, but to a certain degree! If I feel like doing it I go for it because it makes me happy but then I try to compensate for it the next day.

FAQ from clients

Actually the six elements of ELASKO which are Posture/Muscle definition/Body awareness/Mental Focus/Flexibility and the Energy Belt

ELASKO offers personal coaching sessions to clients that way we can tailor make the program to their needs and issues and take care of the injuries they might have and help them to improve their health without any risk.

Always depends on your needs; if you do any other activity,suffering health issues, the personal goals you like to achieve. The minimum training we recommend to see and feel the benefits of the system are two sessions per week of 45 or 60 minutes but if you want quick results then three times a week would be the perfect scenario.

ELASKO offers so many benefits for the body and mind compared to other fitness disciplines out there and therefore I describe it as the ultimate exercise program if you look for a new effective technique to change your body and mindset.

You always finish the class feeling that you have worked strong, and (very important) always under control.
After the assisted stretch at the end of the class, you feel GOOD and love it.

After the assisted floor stretch you feel uplifted,light and an inner calm and happiness fills you from deep inside but at the same time you regained your energy.

It’s this balanced combination that makes the concept unique.

It’s a new form of Body Art because each exercise gets executed to its perfection and limit and performed with the right posture  it creates this beautiful shape and floating energy.

It’s an experience and like Art hard to describe because everybody interprets it in a different way and to be honest that’s the beauty of it,isn’t it?

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Definition
  • Let Go
  • Extreme
  • Fun(on a different level!)
  • Technical
  • Energy
  • Mental Focus
  • Health

My message to our clients would be that, first of all they can trust us, they are in the best and professional
hands to take care of them (some of them it’s their first time with a personal coach or they come to us with
important health issues or injuries), and while we take care of them, we will help them to improve their health,
having fun and working hard as well, making them enjoy and love what they do with us, making them want to
come again.