ELASKO is my life’s work and passion it fuels positive energy, generates a core strength and inner confidence which rejuvenates the body. ELASKO re-aligns muscle & increases flexibility for efficient body movement. It’s simply the most natural and efficient fitness technique in the market; Body art through stretch and dynamic tension


Why did I create ELASKO

My whole life revolves around moving the body, from an early age I practised Ballet & Gymnastics and through these different disciplines I  learnt about alignment & posture alongside strength & flexibility .

I loved everything that was quick, uncontrolled and fun with an element of danger, like Wake and Snowboarding, as I got older I realised that although my brain still was up for it my body rebelled. I started thinking in depth how I was moving and instead of rushing through movements I slowed them down to a point where I got obsessed controlling each muscle. I spent hours every day alone working on perfecting single movements of my body to execute an exercise.

 I’m a strong, energetic character and need the challenge of going through training extremes; I just wanted to do it in a controlled, healthy and safe manner. Yoga & Pilates have always been to sedate for me, traditional ‘gym’ classes too commercial and uncontrolled, I’ve always seen a gap for a stretch defining system with zest & power.

I wanted to create a synergy within the body to control breathing, dynamic muscle tension and engage energy to simulate an orchestra; all together in tune to build a harmony in the body & soul. I needed discipline to control my emotional outbreaks that I’ve always suffered without losing my powerful character. Through ELASKO I’m more at peace with myself and my surroundings, it gives me an inner calmness, strength and confidence which I’ve been striving for a long time. I want to share that feeling I created.

I know it’s my duty to bring ELASKO to each part of the world so I can say one day I did my upmost in life to try to improve the life of others.